FM Steelstock Ltd

Conversion Chart

To convert Multiply by
Centimetres to inches0.3937
Inches to centimetres2.54
Inches to millimetres25.4
Millimetres to inches0.0394
Metres to feet3.281
Cubic Centimetres to cubic Inches0.06103
Cubic feet to cubic metres0.02832
Cubic inches to cubic centimetres16.39
Cubic inches to litres0.01639
Cubic metres to cubic feet35.32
Cubic metres to cubic yards1.308
Cubic yards to cubic metres0.7645
Feet to metres0.3048
Foot pounds to kilogram metres0.1382
Gallons to cubic feet0.1606
Gallons to litres4.536
Grams to pounds0.002205
Kilogram metres to foot pounds7.233
Kilograms to pounds2.205
Kilograms to tonnes0.0009842
Kilos per sq. mm to tonnes per sq. inch0.635
Pounds to kilograms0.4536
Square centimetres to square inches0.155
Square feet to square metres0.0929
Square inches to square centimetres6.452
Square metres to square feet10.76
Tonnes per sq. inch to kilos per sq. mm1.575
Tonnes to kilograms1016
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