FM Steelstock Ltd

Quality Commitment

FM Steel Ltd has a Quality Management System that is certified as being compliant with ISO 9001:2008. We aim to maintain a quality system that embraces all our core business activities to ensure our customers receive the best product and service, every time. We beleive we have industry leading levels of service and reliability.

FM Steel's commitment to quality is extended beyond ISO 9002. Our overall aim is to provide a stable platform for the future dynamic growth of the company by putting in place quality systems as an over-arching vehicle for a programme of continuous improvement.

FM Steel and WRG Services Ltd. are committed to delivering our products and services on time and to the highest quality. We aim to meet and exceed client expectations in every respect.

Quality control procedures are applied at every point in our production process.

Regular production meetings and telephone conversations, along with a number of client-approval stages enable our clients to not only monitor progress, but also the quality of each project at every stage of development.

All equipment at FM Steel Ltd is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the highest-quality end product.

We ensure that our staff have the necessary qualifications, experience, and commitment to deliver our products and services to the required level. We use the most appropriate technology available and have formalised procedures in place.

We actively review all of our procedures on a regular basis to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained.

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